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Whether you are a company football team, a national opera company or a regional charity; whether you’re one person looking for help to make an impression in your chosen sphere, or a large company wanting backing with an exciting new project, there is someone out there who would be interested in sponsoring you.
We can help you find them.

Match your company with the right sponsorship

You have a budget to spend on sponsorship but you need help in finding the right activity and opportunity to suit your target market, at the right price.

We help match you with people, associations and more that could help you get your brand out to a wider audience.


Why should you do it?

  • Sponsorship is a very strong marketing tool which can outstrip any advertising campaign in terms of reach and value for money.
  • You can add the extra value of positioning to demonstrate your own company values to your potential clients.
  • You do this whilst also helping people in sports, the arts, the environment, charities and many other spheres. So help yourself while helping others.

Brian Hewitt

A natural communicator, Brian brings a unique brand of drive and enthusiasm to every client that Sponsorfinder helps.

He has been in the sponsorship and marketing industry for many years, and has worked on behalf of major sports and arts organisations, securing major sponsorships from leading brands such as Vauxhall, BT, American Airlines, and National Car Rentals. Organisations he has helped include the Lawn Tennis Association, England Squash, Football League, individual football and rugby clubs, and the Globe Theatre and Tate Modern. Sponsorship funds raised over the years amount to around £50 million.

Brian was with the Dunlop/Slazenger group for 15 years, before starting his first company, Yellow Dot. This was a unique squash clothing company that became the world leader in both squash clothing and squash event management.

Little known facts:  Brian was the man who put the first ever white football boots onto a UK soccer pitch – on the feet of Alan Ball.  And got Charlie George of Arsenal to wear red ones!

Mobile: 07860 333363
Landline: 01653 628983

Brian Hewitt
Brian Hewitt